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                                                  Meet your Havanese crew!


Ken and Karen, the mom and dad, and the last 5 of our 21 children, Kedrick, Kimberly, Keeto, Koen, and Kenna Rose are your Havanese care providers. 

Since we have been breeding these wonderful and delightful little furry bundles of joy for almost 15 years, several of our older Havanese helpers have moved on to what the Lord has called them to do.

But that does not mean that your puppies are of less quality, less socialized, less cared for these days, just because we are down to our last 5 children. I would much prefer to think that we, the remaining Hall Family, have learned over the years to not work harder, but smarter.

We have tweaked our ways of caring for your bundles of joy over the last 15 years since we have been breeding the Havanese. 

Through research, and listening to others that have plowed on before us, and taking our puppy buyers families seriously, we have taken our learning curve and utilized it to benefit our puppies and ourselves. 

We have given our mamas a newly updated whelping area where they are monitored with puppy cameras  several days prior to giving birth. 

Their whelping boxes are now much easier to sanitize due to surface changes and our puppy bumpers are a wonderful addition to the puppy boxes. 

Ken has perfected a puppy station for the puppies once they are moved from the first nursery area, so that the puppies quickly learn to sleep in one area, potty on a rubber covered coated grate that allows the puppy to stay clean and dry. 

His perfected puppy station also allows the mom to stay close, but also have her own space, if she has had enough of those newly developing little teeth, biting her just a bit too hard. 

Our second puppy station is located just off of our homeschool room, so that at about the age of 4 weeks, our puppies will begin learning their ABC's,-No, I was just kidding! 

That is the kind of humor that you need to parent 21 children and survive. AMEN!

Now, back to the explanation of how your puppies are so carefully cared for. 

At about 4 weeks old the puppies are introduced to a much bigger world. 

They will become the newest members of our home and be free to run around several times during the day with the other moms and dads, the cats, the goats, the outside (weather permitting) and all the sounds and activities that a family of 7 can make. 

We want your puppy to be well rounded and able to be comfortable in many kinds of situations. 

This is precisely why we raise all of our puppies right here in our home. 

We are NOT a KENNEL. 

If your puppy is going to be a member of your family, and live with you in your home, why should he or she not start out on the right foot and learn the proper way to function in a family-home situation? 

Thanks for visiting, and have a blessed day!










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